Wine blogger nel mondo

Seen the success of the wine in the world that fascinate a huge number of persons, we would like to let you know some Wine Bloggers, italian but also international, that are able to thrill every person.

The Wine Blogger is a person that is becoming very famous and important. Usually this person is a sommelier or a journalist or a winery owner or just a wine enthusiast that loves make known information about this product or about wine events and this figure gives advices and talks about how he see the wine.

So let’s start with the Wine Bloggers from “Bel Paese”:

Saverio Russo in Instagram as Italian wine lover with almost 64K followers and in his blog Wineblogroll, introduces himself like an emotional storyteller about wine. He is from Marches but now he lives in Tuscany. Through the social, he shares studies, researches and meetings but also tastings of wine, beer and food. In his blog there is a dedicated area “Blogroll” with an updated press review with the Wine blogs from the world that he selected.

Simone Roveda is 31 years old and comes from Piedmont. In 2016, he founded the blog Winery Lovers that is a platform where the people can interact; moreover they can use a dictionary that was created to help the visitors to know all the details about wine.

We are going to talk about Maximilian Girardi. He is winegrower businessman from Romagna that was born in the ‘90s. He founded the blog Supervino Italia to introduce and talk about his passion for wine. At the moment the blog is in stand-by because he needs to dedicate more times to another passion connected with wine: Tenuta Diavoletto. In 2012 he bought some lands of a property in the province of Forlì- Cesena and nowadays he works for this winery and he manages the web site.

The last but not the least, the young Emanuele Trono is 25 years old and he is from Cuneo. His blog Enoblogger was created to talk about wine pairs with fashion. Moreover he is a digital businessman for the company Enodigital that occupies of digital communication to help wine companies in the Social Media Marketing.

Around the world, more people are fascinated by wine and there are many wine bloggers from every countries. We are going to indicate the bloggers that caught our attention.

Let’s start with the blog Wine Wankers created by Conrad and Drew from Australia but the first lives in Sydney and the second one in Stockholm. Their blog about wine is characterized by humour and irony so the articles are funniest and the inexpert persons can better understand the topic.

From Greece there is Georgia Panagopoulou a wine influencer, with her Instagram’s profile Wine Gini follows by 98k followers. Her motto is “wine is social” and through her pictures, the visitors can travel between the vineyards during her travels in the wine producing countries. In addition she is a part of Top 10 Wine Instagram profiles.

Then we can talk about Wine folly created by some people from Seattle: Justin Hammack, Madeline Puckette and Chad Wasser. In their opinion the wine is a set of science and art; they try to simplify wine to people in that way they can reach more persons and teach them on wine.

Michelle William founded the blog Rockin Red Blog where she pairs wine and music and she discovers and describes the links between history of wine and history of religion because she has a master’s degree in History of the Christian Tradition.

From Napa Valley there is Kelly Mitchell with The Wine Siren. She is a journalist that talks about wine and travels. Through her blog, she shares and illustrates the complex processes in making world-class food and wine and the people works behind.

At the end we talks about an american guy Ryan from the East Coast between Maryland and Washington DC, he shares his wine’s experiences in the blog The Fermented Fruit.

Now you know the bloggers that we suggest you so you can take the cue for new travels and new wines to taste.