Pdc Cartizze Dry - Prosecco superiore di Valdobbiadene

Cartizze Dry


Sugar Residual: 20 g/L
Alcohol: 11.5% Vol
Color: Pale straw yellow colour. Brilliant, clear.
Perlage: fine and persistent.
Fragrance: Acacia flowers, pear, peach, apple and apricot.
Taste: Round and soft sensation on the tip of the tougue, freshness.
Food pairing: Excellent with dried fruits, dry sweets, fruit and cream cakes, panettone. Desserts, celebration drink.

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Serving temperature: 6-8°C (43-47°F)
Optimal storage condition: fresh and dark place, controlled humidity and stable tempreature (11°-14°, 52-57°F).
Yearly production: 5.000 bottles
Production area: Cartizze hills, Valdobbiadene.
Area planted with vines: 1,3 Ha
Altitude: 200 m over the sea level
Type of soil: Clay layer of marine origin, typical of the Cartizze valley.
Vineyards’ sun exposure: hills exposed at south, good ventilation coming from the near mountains chain.
Vine varieties: Glera, Verdiso, Bianchetta e Perera.
Training method: Guyot double-arched cane, even if the presence of many centenary vines requires a various and customized training system for each plant.
Yield: 12 ton/Ha
Harvest period: The beginning of September.
Winemaking and Sparkling process: White wine making process. A second fermentation into a tank makes the wine sparkling.

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