Organic Cartizze

Pdc Cartizze follows organic cultivation in the vineyards with Bio Operating Code 76679. The Certificating authority is Valori Italia (Code OdC n° IT-BIO-015).

By 2019 Harvest the Organic Certification mark will be effective and present on the lable of the bottle.


What does organic mean
Organic agriculture is defined in the European Community by the regulations CE n. 834/2007 and CE n. 889/2008.
ORGANIC indicates a cultivation method that only allows the use of natural substances, present in nature, excluding the use of chemical products of synthesis:

  • NO chemical Fertilizers on the soil
  • NO herbicides against weeds
  • NO insecticides against parasites
  • NO Fungicides against plant diseases
  • NO Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)


What does organic do

  • Increase soil fertility.
  • Avoid all forms of pollution of environment and food.
  • Develop physiological defenses of the plant towards parasites.
  • Increase the level of food’s nutrition elements.

Organic cultivation is a sustainable solution for the environment which allows the farmer to operate in a healthy context, reactivate natural ecosystems to guarantee a rich flora and fauna biodiversity.