“We produce the only Organic certified Cartizze wine on market”

What does Organic mean?


Organic agriculture is defined in the European Community by the regulations CE n. 834/2007 and CE n. 889/2008.
ORGANIC indicates a cultivation method that only allows the use of natural substances, present in nature.


NO Chemical Fertilizers on the soil

NO Herbicides against weeds

NO Chemical insecticides against parasites

NO Synthetic chemical against plant diseases

NO Genetically Modified Organisms

What does organic do?

/ Increase soil fertility.
/ Avoid all forms of pollution of environment and food.
/ Develop physiological defenses of the plant towards parasites.
/ Increase the level of food’s nutrition elements.

Our organic vineyards

In the vineyard, organic regulations only allow the use of natural products. In the cellar, organic vinification involves only the use of authorized oenological products and processes. Authorities ensure compliance with the Organic legislation through certifications and rigorous inspections throughout the whole year.
Controls take place every year both in the vineyard and in the final product.


The safety perimeter is the area that separates our vineyards from adjacent non-organic vineyards. The grapes inside the safety boundary are harvested separately to avoid any risk of chemical contamination.


PDC Organic operator code n. 70679, Valoritalia certification body.

Why choose an organic wine?

/ It is a healthy product for the consumer, zero chemical residues guaranteed.
/ Organic is an ethical choice, respecting the environment and the ecosystem..
/ Organic means control and traceability. Wineries that produce organic products are subjected to strict regulations and frequent inspections by authorities.
/ Organic means passion: organic cultivation requires a lot of attention, punctuality and commitment in viticulture. Wineries that choose organic cultivation are fully convinced of their actions.

Organic farming is a sustainable solution for the environment, which allows the grower to operate in a healthy place, to restore natural ecosystems, ensuring a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna.