Veneto summer events!

With the summer season back there are some dates that can’t be missed here in Veneto! A rich and joyful July is predicted here in the neighbourhood of Treviso province. between italian Aperitivos and traditional handcrafts markets you will find great entertainment.
Between the various events forecast for July, we list here some that are not be missed:

Tuesdays nights: “Aperitivo in Porto” in Casale Sul Sile
In the “Uno Due” pub facing the Sile river, where you can find a bond between tradition and innovation, amazing culinary specialties and wonderful places. Every Tuesday night of July 2019 (9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th July) from aperitivo time, 7:00 pm, to midnight you can spend a great time drinking some of the best selected wines, or cocktails while enjoying music and sharing wonderful moments. Don’t miss it!


Tuesdays nights: “Pieve by night”
In Pieve city centre you will find music, art, exhibitions, sport, open shops and culinary specialties! The initiative of the “Piazze Creative” association was carried out to promote and appreciate the net of craftsmanship and local activities, and thanks to “Pieve by night” you can enjoy the wonderful historical city centre of Pieve while discovering all the local aspects!
On the dates of July 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th you will find excellent entertainment from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Wednesdays nights: “Happy Hour al Brolo”
For all the Wednesdays of July there is a particular appointment at the famous restaurant “Gigetto”, located in Miane. For the cuisine and party lovers “Gigetto” restaurant created a wonderful “happy Hour Brolo” party which has been carried on for several years now. On Wednesday night from 8:00 pm the small, elegant garden nearby the restaurant hosts a very famous and amazing party. Every time will be presented a different culinary specialty paired with craft beers and Prosecco Superiore DOCG. In a beautiful place you will be able to enjoy all the positive aspects of Veneto’s Aperitivos!


Thursday nights: “Giovedì in piazza” Montebelluna
In the 2019 edition comes back also the well known festival in Montebelluna “Giovedì in Piazza”! This event guarantees music and joyful nights till July 25th. This is is the seventh year for this festival, during which the city centre of Montebelluna will host several local music bands who will live perform all among the local pubs. This initiative was carried out by the “il mosaico, centro da vivere” association together with the local council, it begun in june and it will be on till the end of July, coloring the thursday nights with entertainment from Aperitivo time! All the local band will be playing until midnight.