Prosecco and Christmas markets

Also this year is going to finish, but before to celebrate its end, there is another important date: the Christmas. The month of December is characterized by decorated cities ready for the party that get heated the people in visiting.


Although the Christmas markets were born in Germany, people are planning a lot of them in our country every year. We suggest you some cities near Valdobbiadene, where you can taste the smell of Christmas and, why not, buy some handcrafted presents.


Let’s start with the market “Stelle di Natale” in one of the most beautiful burgs in Italy, Cison di Valmarino, during the weekends from Saturday the 7th to Sunday the 15th of December. The burg will be filled in each area with stands of handcrafted producers; moreover there will be the presentation of the biggest nativity scene in ice in Italy.  The association will arrange also activities for the children and in the district of Mura they will prepare many nativity scenes along the streets of the burg.


Treviso is already in the Christmas mood with “Treviso Incantata”, in fact was launched on the 18th of November and it will be closed on the 7th of January. The city was decorated in every corners with theme ornaments and lights so the trimmings are magic and enchanted. The Christmas trees will be turned on during the afternoon on Saturday the 8th of December and there will be also the Christmas village with the ice skating rink and the nativity scenes road. The whole described will be surrounded by markets and guide tours for all the ages.


Castelfranco Veneto, one of the most beautiful burgs in Italy too, arranges “Natale sotto le Mura” with stands of gastronomic products and handcrafted objects. Passing through the old walls of the city, you can taste the typical Christmas foods of the zone like vin brulè, torrone sweet and roast chestnuts. There will be also a children’s area with the ice skating rink and a special nativity scene, in fact in this case, it will be an human nativity scene. On Monday the 6th of January, as the last day of event, will come Befana with a lot of sweetes.


In the province of Vicenza there is the city of Bassano del Grappa that is more or less thirty minutes far from Valdobbiadene. This city will wear the Christmas outfit during the Advent season with the event “Natale a Bassano”. The wood houses with enogastronomic and handcrafted items will cover the two main squares but there will be also the handmade nativity scenes produce by some artisans and there will be the Enchanted way of Santa Claus for the children.