Prosecco, at the foot of the mountains

The small town of Valdobbiadene is located in between the seaside and beautiful mountains. The seaside resorts of Caorle, Jesolo, Bibione and Lignano are just few hours away from the Prosecco area. But if you prefer skiing or hiking, the dolomites are just above the breathtaking hills of Valdobbiadene.


If the very first snow of the year is your beloved, you have to know that in just one hour you can reach the Trentino Alto Adige ski resorts, a true paradise for mountains lovers. Today we are here to talk about some of the best places you can find in the surrounding of our beloved hills!




– for the skiing lovers the site we recommend the most is Arabba, This mountain village is just two hours away from Valdobbiadene, in the province of Belluno. With the Sellaronda Skitour, Arabba is one of the best places where to enjoy skiing, There you can find a wide range of ski runs with different levels of difficulty. With one ski pass you may cross four Dolomite passes, discover four different valleys and enjoy varied hours in the white powder snow in front of a breathtaking panorama. If you are not so into skiing, no worries! There are amazing hiking paths that will lead you to stunning panoramas, the one that characterise our Mountains.


Cortina d’Ampezzo is the very famous and glamourous village in Belluno province. It has now become a real tourist attraction for both the beauty and the exclusive atmosphere bounded to the village. Cortina d’Ampezzo has not only ski tracks for every level of difficulty, but also cross-country skiing and it offers also nice hiking trips in the Natural Park.
If you are willing to spend a luxury italian weekend in the mountains, Cortina has the right balance between fashion and mountain vibes.


– Still in Veneto and in the same province as the previous villages, there is Falcade.
Here you have a wide range of activities, ranging from the classic ski runs, snowboarding to snowtubing for the kids.
Straight from the town centre there are free ski runs for the most adventurous people! In the village of Falcade there is the possibility to ask for professional mountain guide or alpine guide, that will take you to discover the routes that surround the high hills of the area, the hiking paths and the merveilleuse nature of the Alps. Moreover on the top of cableway you will find the possibility to borrow all the skiing equipment or the snowboarding equipment to enjoy the different ski runs there. From there there are also the fun snow tubing attraction, made for all ages!




Brunico is the classic mountain village, with some of the best activities around it. On the mountain Plan de Corones you can have the best ski mountaineering; just few minutes away on the sports field of Riscone you can have cross country ski.
Moreover here you can find the possibility to hike with the snowshoe, or sledge and ice skating.
As an outdoor experience, in just half an hour from Brunico there are the waterfalls of Riva a Campo Tures, that have the particularity to blend ice and cold water in a breathtaking scenario.


Dobbiaco is considered to be the best place where to spend the best time in the snow. At the bottom of Tre Cime Dolomiti beside the panorama and the relaxed atmosphere of the village, there are some of the most classic attractions: in San Candido you can have the best sledge experience, in Sesto there is the 5 kilometer ski run that can be done also by night, and for more fun you can ice skate facing the stunning panorama of the Dolomites.


– The most prestigious ski resort is considered to be Madonna di Campiglio characterized by 150 kilometers of ski tracks, available both day and night time and available for any kind of skier. Between the various tracks you can find the one dedicated to snowboarding and a Natural Alps park. But this is just one of the various innovation that you can find in this village: from the town centre there is a bus that takes you to the cable car, or many alpine guides can take you around the many hiking paths available but you can also choose to go for a fat bike ride, bikes that can go on snow!
Nevertheless, to relax you will find plenty of traditional and luxury shops in the centre, these give you the perfect combo with an hot chocolate cup.


– Moving to Bolzano province, another characteristic town is Merano and its historical centre nearby the river Passirio, where you can sightseeing and walk through some 19th century routes where princess Sissi used to walk by. The one named after her is told to be her favourite one once she became Empress. Fancy architecture and relaxed atmosphere are the signature of this small town, here indeed you can find a spa and the best places where to relax or enjoy after a day of skiing up to the ski tracks of Merano 2000.


– Last, but not least, in Trento province there is San Martino di Castrozza where you can find way more than skiing. One of the most uniques experiences in the town is the hiking path with snowshoe facing the beautiful Pale di San Martino.