giro italia 2019

VALDOBBIADENE IN PINK: cycling competition “Giro d’Italia” 2019

VALDOBBIADENE IN PINK: cycling competition “Giro d’Italia” 2019

Treviso and its province are confirmed to be the capital for cycling and its main competition “il Giro d’Italia”. the 102nd edition of this race will give a warm embrace to the Marca region and the Treviso province.

In Valdobbiadene the 102nd edition of the “Giro d’Italia” will not go unnoticed. 31st of May 2019 will be the date on which the town will be dyed in pink in honour of the 19th legs of the race that will cover 66 km of the Treviso province till San Boldo town.

On the 31st of May another great event will take place in the little village of Valdobbiadene: it will, indeed, represent the start for the 17th leg of the E-bike race. This is a branch of the historical “Giro d’Italia” cycling race, which includes 10 teams ready to fight along some stages of the famous race.
An eco-friendly project that represents the bond between nature and sport that will take place in Valdobbiadene city.

Some infos about the driveability in the centre:

The town centre will have a different driveability on the 31st of June 2019, the modifications of the driveability will be on from 5 am till 5 pm.
For what concerns the road that from Bigolin leads to Valdobbiadene and the road that from Valdobbiadene goes to Guia these will be closed form 11:30 AM to 3 PM to the start of the e-bike competition.