Vendemmia Cartizze Pdc

Ready, steady… Harvest!

Ready, steady… Harvest!

Harvest 2019 is here and to us it seems like Christmas-eve.

The harvest we all been waiting for is now here, and we couldn’t be more excited. We have great hopes on this year harvest, even if the past year carried many surprises when passed by.

According to the Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG consortium, the harvest will officially begin with the 15th of September, for the vineyards located on the East side of the DOCG area. It will follow for the Western hills of the Area.
Regarding the Cartizze pentagon the Harvest starts with a great growth of the grapes, therefore it will follow the same guideline of the East Area of the DOCG.
Our beloved hills went through a light winter, and rough and freezing spring, that got hail-storms and rainy days with it. The low temperatures delayed the blooming season, but once summer went by it got a warm and sunny weather, that couldn’t be brighter for the aromas and the ripeness.

For us, Cartizze PdC, this harvest figures to be tough and steep, just like our hills. Anyway we are excited but careful at the same time: the ripening of the grape, between acidity and sugar content in the grape, is considered to be perfectly balanced only for a small window of time. We’re pending in the green-light from Pietro, ready on the starting-line holding the red boxes with one hand and the scissors with the other, happy for our annual flash-harvest.
Also this year we will be thrilled to share with you the best shots of the Harvest 2019, hoping to be able to recall to your memory the elegant notes of ours Superiore di Cartizze.