Installazione alla Biennale d'arte di Venezia

Biennale, Venezia 2019

Biennale, Venezia 2019

“May You Live In Interesting Times” 58th international art expo

The 58th International Art Exposition will be on until 24th November in Venice. This expo opened at the beginning of May 2019, it is called provocatively “ You May Live in Interesting Times” to recall a saying that has been considered of chinese origins for decades, but actually comes from an english usage. Are we living in interesting times? Is art good enough to represent and depict the portrait of an age like this? Will we be good enough?

The annual exposition of Art “Biennale” in Venice opened hosting 90 international collaborations and holds 21 exhibition events.
The Biennale welcomed 79 artists from all around the world, that came under invitation of the expo designer Ralph Rugoff to depict the fabulous theme of this biennale edition, provocative, innovative and looking like a fresh start for Arts.

Among the many prized art installations, are sure to be mentioned the Sun & Sea expo of the Lithuania, showing real ordinary people relaxing on the seaside. They are employing actual ordinary people to play the relaxed role!
Another fancy and provocative installation is the Christoph Büchel’s one Arca Nostra, a real wreck fished out from the Sicilian sea. The boat hosted 700 corpses of migrants, that drowned during the night between 17 and 18 April in 2015.

The art expositions cover all the Venice places, from the Arsenale to the city centre. As alway a breath in fresh air for the arts.
To learn more about it, you can find the guide here below.

Download guide (pdf)